About credit card (CC) part 1

Hi! I have good news for you today. New article from my friend - Enot.

So, as promised, here's useful info about the CC, credit card or CC, so called the Mat (material) for Viva (purchasing something for others, with someone else's cards).

Let's start with where it (the Mat) to buy. 
In specialized shops, or from private traders who resell the Mat from closed sites, they usually communicate through jabber/toad – an ancient messenger, such as ICQ, but there are also in Telegram. 
All the info on this issue (mean contacts) you will find on WWH is a bottomless pit of information, though I myself there fucking useful and not pulled, for just abouteasy the forum, it causes rejection! 
So the pair of contacts are in order:

 - franklinscc.com

You have to understand that I can not dump on the table all the information that I have, because it got me a lot of work (some for money), and some contacts and all I have only because of my personal communication. 
When I give a member of my team any contact, I am sure that this person will not disgrace my reputation. 
Those shops that I just gave – not TOP, of course, but you can start with them.

 In addition, in our carding experiment, we need smart guys who know how to think with their heads, and not just eat what they chewed and spit out on a plate.
By the way, the forums: as I wrote above – with WWH I have not got, but the benefits of forums is 100% because catch a few of those on which I sit myself:
- Club2crd
- Blackforum

Well, the same WWH (if anyone knows). 
My account on WWH blocked, and just like that, did not go a month and all – a good reason! Maybe that's why I'm so angry at this shit. Good carder with no account at WWH, Yes? YES!
Okay – it's the lyrics, a slight digression. Back to the main topic – CARDBOARD!
When a Enot buys cards under their dark needs that he does this in large quantities and wholesale. I have already been told by friends that I am not right, that this is stupidity, that you need to buy one or two and immediately drive and so on and so forth. BUT! My theme works, friends!

- See what happens:

First , I choose all the bins that interest me (the first 6 digits of the credit card) and the States I need – I do not have a million drops, so I'm a little limited by such a framework as, for example, the state of KH (if there is no drop in Arizona, then I try not to take the Arizona card).
Secondly, I do not work on one bought card as abnormal, as I have a huge stock (I buy 15-20 pieces at once).

- What I still never do?

I don't check the map on Waleed all sorts of fucking checkers immediately after the purchase, it kills the map anyway. I do driving, if it did not work, then check it on Donat in Wikipedia, if not passed Donat – send the map for long storage in your Excel table with the necessary notes. NEVER delete maps, store data in a table or a text document, here as it is convenient, but do not delete! Write to me in PM-I will share the format of my tables for storing data on maps.

Here's one personal example, read and nagomevi:
A month ago, the Board is not stuck either in the shop or in the donut. I transferred the SS data to the "reserve" sign on the dusty shelf. The other day I decided to check some maps from there and you know what? This is the third time I've been driving crosses from this very card! Three times! THREE! A couple weeks.

And the most important advice – do not drive the card into one shop, try another, and then another, and if nothing happens, then shoot Wikipedia (this is the final) - so I do not claim that this is the only true option, but I came to him through a fairly large number of shit Mat, spent time and effort. So at least look closely at this scheme of work.

Just answer the possible question-claim:

"If the card is not valid-it can be returned to the seller and require a replacement! Therefore, the Raccoons, you are not right in their judgment, it is necessary to take a card from under the hammering, because the time for the return of a dead card is given very little (5-10 minutes)!»

NO! I do not return non-valid cards, because I take cards from those bases that are not refundable. There is the type of promise Walid 90% and above (that is, of course the wildest fucking, but still). And if I took some card for $ 3, then I realize that this card can be.