About credit card (CC) part 2

Hi! I have good news for you today. New article about CC part 2 from my friend - Enot.

As promised - give a little more information about credit cards. 
In the last article about Credit Card(cc) I mentioned about bin (the first 6 digits of the card number), but did not tell about how much sometimes this bin affects carding.

So, catch an example from life, as you managed to notice (I hope that managed), we do not write something transcendent and fantastic, but only that checked themselves or what happened to us.
I found the other day giving shop with clothes (of course, not with iPhones - calm down) and carding in some product.
Marked in his AMAZING table this by carding, noting bin card. 
What to do? 
Shop gives, let still cc!!! 
I carding from another card, carding passed, well, that is, the order, by the way, now it is fashionable to boast of fucking orders.

In short, a order was hanged, but tomorrow came a failure because of error in the billing address. 
But I'm not stupid fucking to make a mistake in such elementary shit, so I was confused and I carding the same card in the already proven shop and eventually passed another warrant and by the evening of the next day was the payment and the shop gave the track number.

What does that tell us?

bins these cards were different. If in some shop carding a certain bin, it does not mean that in the same shop will fly and any other bin.

How to check what fits where? Only by trial and error. 
Well, someone might share that information with you, but it's not accurate... 
Always try to keep statistics on carding. 
Look for such bin, which climb almost all the shops, it will help you in the future.

For all bins, come on!

What else did I want to tell you about the credit cards? I wanted to tell you about the existence of virtual credit cards - VCC. This such a can kick out, as, for example, QIWI card. The Americans, naturally, this is not QIWI, and other services such as PayPal (recently released its VCC). What do we use VCC for? For example, to tie to the PayPal self-registration And thereby verify it, as well as to get a great way to withdraw money from the self-registration.

What gives VCC on self-register?

If the card is purchased from any seller and is not related to cardholder full, which was self-register especially it fucking does not. But if we have registered VCC on card holder on our own, then there are more opportunities to withdraw money from self-register PayPal, as well as the chances of success - with such VCC it is better to pass sends, bays and everything else. After all, both self-register PayPal and VCC are designed for one person.

There is the following problem: a physical card (VCC still has a physical medium) will sooner or later lead to a cardholder... To avoid surprises, we call cardholder and say that we have issued a card by mistake or that it was done by fraudsters, that the Bank account (BA) on the site was deleted, it remains only to destroy the card. That and ask do of our client. We call on behalf of the Bank, of course. Here is such a life hack from our team!

Just do not expect me to tell you where and how to do it and what nuances await you. Get used to think for themselves, so we give a lot of useful information, but to throw out would be unwise, right?

Register with us(REGISTRATION) and buy our CC with high quality!

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