How to buy dumps?

1. In order to buy dumps in our store, you need to have BTC/LTC/BTC/DASH
2. You need to register in our store.
3. Log in and go to billing
4. On the billing page, create a wallet corresponding to your cryptocurrency that you use.
5. Transfer money to this wallet and within 20-40 minutes the money will be deposited into your account.
6. Go to the Dumps section and select the stuff you need using the filter.
7. Click add to cart.
8. Go to shopping cart and click Buy cart.
9. Go to the Orders section and see the purchased stuff.
10. If the product is not valid, then press the Refund button and within an hour you will confirm the return or reject it ( depending on the Bank code).

When buying dumps on you will receive the highest quality stuff, good support and other.

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