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Shopping in Europe/Asia shops

Today we start talking about Europe / Asia.
In Europe/Asia there is no ABC, which means they cannot verify the exact billing address of the credit card.
Long charge back, can go up to 2 months (even if the transaction is non-vbv), you can order goods from shops where there is an international delivery and until the charge back comes, the package will be with us.
It is good to order in USA and Euro-shops, Asia shops can request the drawing of documents, which will lead to even greater costs. (but follow the draw, most likely improve the attitude of the shop to yourself)
There are several options for working with credit cards from Euro \ Asia.
We strike in the billing address from the credit card, and the shipping address indicates our intermediary \ our drop.


Example - buy a card of Germany. We strike her in USA or in other EU countries. It is better not to strike in Germany itself, an instant charge back can fly.
Working with such a CC is very dependent on the warming up of the shop. The larger the order amount, the more we need to warm up the shop !!!
What we need to warm up a shop is an English language, with whom it is difficult to translate (google translator) will also go, the second is the skills of Social Engineering, roughly speaking while the shop is jerking off, also support fun for me, why should you do it all)

Now in more detail we will consider ways of strike

1) We strike the billing address from the credit card, and the shipping address indicates our intermediary \ our drop.
In this case, we use socks / tunnels for the billing card address.
the merchs are sometimes set up in such a way that if the drive was carried out not from the country from which the card was issued, there is a failure.
In such cases, it is better to write a shop and find out what and how (I came to work / study / rest in your country, which billing should I specify?)
We indicate the address in the billing address and the shipping address from the middle \ drop.
That is, in this case, we indicate the name and address of the one to which we will immediately send the goods.
We put the tunnel or sock immediately from the intermediary / drop.
But with such hammering necessarily !!! you need to warm up the shop by calling it, either by chatting by mail, or through the Live chat, which is available on the site.
History of the type: That you are a resident of the EU of the country (on the issue card), who is in the USA and wants to purchase goods and indicate that the billing is international (map of France, but the address is also registered).
Here we will immediately understand which shop will be ready to send, and which will not. It is best to save your money talk before driving in live chat rooms, if any, or mail.
Constantly everyone has a question, if I communicate via Google, will the shop be ignited, what is the translator and this will affect the sending of the pack?
Guys, look, we are CH who live in DE \ FR \ IT and other European countries. These countries have their own language and naturally not everyone knows English. This is not at all sure of itself, then the shop can immediately be unsubscribed that I do not know eng. language and use a translator, in some cases, even play + to drive.

2) Option, everything is the same as in the first, but immediately a helmet to Europe. Dropes\ in the middle, if you send from the same EU in the EU there will be limits !! Pay attention to this!
We try to select fatty cards using BIN, starting with Gold, Platinum, Signature, Infinity, Primier. Countries - all of Europe, except Eastern, across Asia Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore
Remember the CC of England (UK) = USA. Verification ABC zip.

3) I'll tell you another way to work with Europe
We are looking for a shop in any country, we also set up everything under the CC (we use only EU or ASIA), we also go around the shop, while it is better to register in the shop so that the cart will remain.
We go to the shop, we walk, we throw a couple of goods (goods that interest you, and associated rubbish) so we reach the order page and write to live chat, but rather we call and say:
- "I want to buy from you and call your cart, but payment does not pass 2 times - the page hangs."
In general, you bother them, how do I fix this, etc. they will probably send you the browser first, change the system, clean it, etc. Well, in general, we wait 5 minutes, we even try from another browser
and again we type, we say that nothing works, and then they will most likely offer such options:
1. Paypal - we are not interested
2. Bank transfer is not an option for us either.
3. Work with the authorization form (usually take off in 30-40% of cases). The option of the most priority
4. it is strike in for you personally. (As a rule, they stupidly ask for information on the card in the live chat and make the payment themselves)

The authorization form is the same order filling (bill shipp, payment info) only on paper, they send the form, you must fill it in by hand.
and send it back + scan passport + CC from both sides is mandatory, according to the law of making such a payment. And write off the money through the number + expiration date and Sts.
Then they have a check, if all is successful and the payment is made. The check is usually scanned and sent back. Your completed paper is printed and sent to your bank for documentation and the goods are sent)

Advantages of the scheme
- This transaction will go off-line, and therefore the charge back is long
- If the amount is more, you can send several completed forms (for each scans of credit cards), explaining that is the daily limit. This is often taken if you have already given a form.
- If the CC does not climb, then we simply say that the bank has international limits and I will now send you another card, roll it well.
- In version 4, I have already said that they are being hammered for you, there are also advantages here, since they will not look at different degrees of risk and in the case of any strains on the part of merch can protect you, since you have caused them to trust.

According to the form, you can give it to the painters, or who has a printer - printing, filling with hand and on the go.

Well, that's all for today) Good Work Brothers


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